Steel Shelf System

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Steel Shelf System

Steel Shelf System

Steel shelf system is the most widely used product in the workplace. There are many factors in the intensive use of steel shelves. At the beginning of these, the steel shelf models are portable and they adapt to different sized storage areas. The use of steel shelf system is preferred in many business branches, from hospitals to government offices. It is also very important that the steel shelves are as robust as they are portable. Our company is one of the leading companies in the market that protects its place very well in the years ahead. You can visit the offices and factories in Istanbul and find the opportunity to get more detailed information about the products and usage areas. If you are taking care to be durable, functional and portable, our company gives you exactly this.

What is Steel Shelf System?

Steel storage shelves are preferred in many warehouse areas from heavy load to light load. The steel shelf system, which is produced specially by the customer in the direction of the directive, can be produced in reverse order. Considering that the correct use of shelf systems is very important for businesses, special manufacturing products are more useful. At the same time, the useful life of special manufacturing products will increase the useful life since they are based on the type of material to be stored.

There are various types of steel shelf units produced according to the type of products. The situation that causes the production of different types of shelves is the quality and quantity of the load to be stacked. Therefore steel shelves;

  1. Archive Shelves
  2. Folder shelves
  3. Metal shelves.

Steel Shelf System Usage Areas

Steel Shelf System

Since the steel shelf system is produced according to different load types, there is a shelf type according to each load type. For example, archive racks are generally preferred by government departments. Because there are too many documents and each document needs to be properly accessible and easily accessible at the time of need. Similarly, folder shelves are also used in workplaces where the paperwork is stacked and required. All types of hospitals, government agencies, private enterprises can use this type of shelf. The steel shelf system is baked after painting and is therefore not dangerous for health. For this reason, they can be easily used in restaurants, hospitals, pharmaceuticals or food factories.