Pallet Rack

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Pallet Rack

What is Pallet Rack?

This systems, are preferred in warehouses of industrial establishments where materials are used in heavy load. Shelf systems make it possible to store products with high volumes and weights by means of transport. It ranks first among the easily stacked systems regardless of the amount of weight. In these systems, which make it possible to obtain high efficiency from the warehouse area, vehicles such as pallet rack or forklifts are easily driven. This systems carry all weights with high durability. This provides a safe environment for occupational safety. Crawler systems that can be applied to warehouses of all widths and sizes make it possible for companies to earn serious financial benefits.

Pallet Racks Models

Pallet Racking

This systems has the models that meet the criteria such as the physical condition of the warehouses and the amount of weight to be carried. These models are directly related to what is targeted from the warehouse because each model has its pros and cons. While it is possible to store a large number of products in the warehouses with the Drive In system, it is difficult to reach the shelves. In sliding shelf systems, forklifts do not need to enter between shelves but they require the highest cost. When the back-up rack system is installed, the stock capacity decreases and the storage density decreases. In the back-to-back shelf system, while access to all pallet rack is quite easy, storage capacity is low. 

What To Pay Attention When Buying A Pallet Rack

The pallet rack differs from other systems in terms of durability and safety. This difference is due to the weight of the stored products. Therefore, the quality of the material should be considered when selecting the racking system. Otherwise, both cost loss and serious accidents may occur. After selecting the shelf systems produced from quality materials, the installation phase should be given importance. Make sure that all the parts are safe and secure. In addition, to obtain the desired efficiency from the warehouse should be made a proper engineering. If there is no attention, there is loss of space in the warehouses and things are slowing down. The loss of space also poses a danger to occupational safety. Therefore, the correct system should be used in the selection and installation of the shelf system. Our company is in Istanbul and Turkey’s experience and leading companies in racking systems with the opportunities that it provides.