Metal Shelf Types

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Metal Shelf Types

What Are Metal Shelf Types?

Storage systems are invaluable for companies. Our company offers the right rack solutions for the right stock area. It will keep your products for many years without being exposed to external influences and will not be ashamed against your customers.  Metal shelf types also ensure a healthy storage of products. Choosing the right shelf system for the right storage area is also very important for the future of a company. The shelves in the shelf systems are manufactured from different materials and materials used in the life of the durable materials. The percentage of damaging the products is different. This type of shelves are both economical and contribute to saving with long life.

Metal Shelf TypesThis systems; It is a shelf system which is produced by using galvanized or pure iron and its carrying capacity varies according to its thickness. Metal to be produced in any color you want with electrostatic painting method. In addition, since it is installed on the footsteps, it provides the possibility to install all of the available space in the warehouse area or the dead areas called dead space. 

Metal Shelf Features

Our company creates alternative storage areas for our customers with the metal shelf types we use in our shelf systems. By providing customer satisfaction, we contribute to the rapid progress of our customers within the sector. As with all shelf systems you need, you can contact us for metal shelf systems. You can ensure that your needs are met with a professional work, an innovative staff. This sytems; Galvanized dipping or galvanized painting is produced in the form of rust for many years to serve you have properties. With the strength and durability of the galvanized material, metal racks in standard dimensions will have a very high resistance against 65 kg load for many years. Depending on your needs, the capacity can be increased by increasing the thickness.