Heavy Load Pallet Shelf Systems

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Heavy Load Pallet Shelf Systems

Heavy Load Pallet

Our country has many institutions and organizations working in heavy industry. Of course, many of these organizations need systems to store raw materials or their products. For this reason, they usually use heavy load pallet shelf systems. One of the most important reasons for the use of tracked systems is that they are used to store heavy loads. Because each storage system is not produced for heavy loads. Automotive, white goods, furniture, oil, iron and steel, heavy-duty branches of storage is very busy and heavy weight. our company has been producing the best shelf systems products for you with the same business love for years. If you think your business needs a warehouse rack, you can visit us at our locations in Istanbul.

What Are Heavy Load Pallets?

Warehouse systems are produced in different characteristics. These systems differ within themselves as a reason for the diversification of the business branches can be shown. In short, the types and weights of loads to be stored or exhibited. For this reason, the most appropriate method for the storage or display of heavy industrial products is heavy load pallet shelf systems. This rack model is among the systems where pallet materials can be easily stored.

Heavy Load Pallet Shelf Systems

Tracked warehouse systems consist of feet and Travers. I mean, they were produced for carrying a heavy load. Another feature of pallet shelves in heavy load pallet is that they can be assembled easily. In the same way, the de-mounted process is very simple and practical. Tracked shelves are often preferred by businesses as they have an easy-to-use plug-in system.

This system can be called “rack system”. Heavy load pallet systems used in automotive sector, especially abroad, are also popular in our country. In particular,“back to back” shelf models are used. Thus it can be carried in a simple way, which is saved from anywhere as well as very heavy loads.

Heavy Load Pallet Shelf Systems Are Manufactured With Special Measure

While some rack units such as steel or metal shelves can be sold as ready, for heavy load pallet shelf systems, it is best to manufacture with special measure. Because heavy load rack systems can cause difficulty in changing places or in situations where the height of the rack does not fit. For this reason, it is best to produce a special palette rack system according to the size of the warehouse area.