Rack Systems and Steel Shelf Manufacturing

Universal system for storing heavy duty loads & palletized products.

Ideal system enabling stacking of light loads that can be manually loaded.

Generally used for archiving and storing light duty products.

System that allows manual loading and provides maximum storage efficiency within height limit.

Used in the textile and apparel sector for proper storage of roll-shaped fabric balls.

Produced from non-rust inox material and is generally used in hospitals, hotels, pharmacies and cold chambers.

RAFGRUP provides best solutions for your racking and shelving needs!

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Modern Storage Products

Our company offers highest quality storage systems with best prices to modern warehouses & factories.

Quality Manufacturing & Long Life

Our company uses first class materal in production which leads to more durable storage systems.

Best Prices

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100% Customer Satisfaction

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Our fairs

  • RAFGRUP participated in the International Transport Logistics Fair, in November.

  • RAFGRUP met its customers and signed new contracts in 2015 WIN-Cemat Eurasia (TUYAP) Fair in November.

About us

With its rapid growth following its foundation in 2011, RAFGRUP has taken its place among the leading producer companies of Turkey in the field of rack systems and steel shelving market. RAFGRUP provides its customers with best suitable projects by professionally designing, manufacturing and installing various rack systems and steel shelves for industrial and warehouse storage.

RAFGRUP uses most advanced technology in production and continuously invests in research & development. With its qualified architects, engineers and technicians, the company provides guaranteed high quality storage systems in accordance with international standards.  more...